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Reliable, modular, flexible, scalable and quick-to-launch software solutions that automate online business


We provide reliable, flexible, scalable and quick-to-launch software that can cover many online business needs and gives a wide abilities of customization on your requests

  • Client Portal

  • CRM Software

    • Trade System

    • Trade Venues Connection

    • Liquidity Aggregation

    • Price Feeds Generation

    • Orders Booking, Matching and Routing

    • Risk Management Automation

    • Administrator Terminal

    • Client Terminal

    • Client API

  • MT4/MT5 Bridge

  • E-payments Gate

  • Backoffice and Reporting System


Our team involves industry experts with more than 10 years of experience in developing the software for online business which are ready to help you automate you processes

  • MT4/MT5 Plugins Development

  • Liquidity Providers Connection

  • E-payments Integration

  • Data Analyzing and Reporting

  • AI Systems Integration


Our algorithmic trading software was designed in cooperation with experienced traders and programmers who automated a wide range of various trading algorithms that are successfully used by traders and fund managers on many trading venues in the different financial markets, with our open API you can build your own trading strategy and test it in safe environment on real time or historical data

  • Market Making - build sophisticated algorithmic strategies for providing liquidity and hedging positions

  • Arbitrage - execute arbitrage strategies between multiple trading venues

  • Price Mirroring - use liquidity and hedging possibilities from other markets to make the markets in a profitable way

  • Smart Order Routing - let the algorithm find the best price for your order on all trading venues and execute it

  • VWAP - achieve best price with large order by splitting it into multiple smaller ones throughout the trading day

  • Hedging Baskets - execute trades on multiple financial instruments at the same time with the possibility to hedge against other financial instruments


Our qualified and experienced technical specialists can perform wide range of IT operations such as deployment, maintenance, monitoring and technical support while you can focus on your business development

  • Online Business Software Deployment and Upgrade

  • Online Business Software Administration

  • Backup Automation

  • System Recovering after Failure

  • Malfunction Investigation

  • Software Monitoring

  • Servers and OS Installation and Upgrade

  • IT Infrastructure Setup

  • Firewall, VPN and Security Policies Implementation

  • Hardware Monitoring


We have competencies and experience in many areas of online business and can help you to start the business, design infrastructure, automate processes optimize costs and increase the profit

  • Online Business Software and Technology Solutions

  • Liquidity Providers

  • Data Centers and IT Infrastructure

  • CDN and DDoS Protection

  • Security Audit

  • Risk Management

  • Fraud Monitoring

  • Consulting on Online Business Regulations and Licensing

  • Consulting on Accounts with Banks and Payment Service Providers

  • Consulting on Financial and Management Accounting

  • Consulting on Marketing and Sales


Our mission is to empower organizations that are engaged in the online business to gain quantum leaps in productivity and control - through the implementation of practical software solutions. We work closely with our clients to deliver products that create value. Our primary responsibility is to help grow the business for the customers who use our products and services.


Through a long-term commitment to our mission, we will be known as a company with a strong customer orientation and rock solid fundamentals. Our customers, employees and vendors see us as offering knowledge and value with a strong sense of integrity. Our success, while reflected in our growth, is measured ultimately by the capability, spirit and effort of our people. 


NM Technologies is focused exclusively on providing software solutions for the online business that operate in the Internet. Our software supports wide range of functionality that covers most needs of our clients. We constantly strive to build resources and expertise most critical to our clients across the globe. 


NM Technologies is a team of professionals in the sphere of IT solutions for the online business that operated in the market since 2003.

The team members have up to 15 year experience in the companies that make their business in the various spheres from financial markets to e-commerce.

In 2018 it was resolved to establish the company that integrates the team members, products and experience in order to to monetize all these resources and ensure the grow of profit and capitalization of the business that focuses on providing software and services for companies operating in the Internet.

About Us
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